About the Black Planning project

The Black Planning project is a platform with a mission to share the stories of community and urban planners who are of African descent - their journey, motivations and aspirations. It will highlight what Blacks in Canada are doing to shape future spaces and places. The individuals featured on the website are trailblazers in a field, where traditionally have been few Blacks. These individuals are redefining the face and the landscape of urban planning and play a critical role in creating the spaces and places we live, work, worship and play.

Why participate?

Participating in an interview allows you to tell your planning journey - why you pursued planning as a career, your experiences and your aspirations. By sharing your story, you will have the opportunity to be featured alongside other individuals of African descent who are working in the field of community and urban planning and thus be part of an emerging community of Black planners in Canada who are aspiring to redefine how Canada engages in planning. The stories collected will help to provide educational resources that can be inspired and engage Black youth and communities in planning and create spaces and places where we live, work, worship and play.

What does the Black Planning Project mean to you?

  • "This is a trailblazer way, meaning that you are alone but you're one of the first. This makes me a part of history."

  • "Good for people to see themselves reflected in others - hope others see themselves in a planning career."

  • "It is important to know and acknowledge there are other Blacks in an industry where there are very few."

  • "This creates an opportunity to allow more people to be part of the conversation."

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