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Exploring the Experiences of Canadian Black Planning Professionals

The "Exploring the Experiences of Canadian Black Planning Professionals" project aims to create inclusion and support in the field of urban and regional planning by documenting the experiences of Black planning professionals.


It will explore the following overarching question: What are the experiences of Black individuals in navigating their planning careers and how can those careers be best supported in order to maximize the flourishing of Black professional planners and their contributions to the field? Through exploration of this question this project aims to:

  • amplify the voices of Black planners;

  • provide insight into the firsthand experiences of Black planners;

  • identify what factors may promote and limit Black planners’ career;

  • success and access to opportunities in the field of planning, particularly the challenges resulting from systemic racism;

  • promote discussions to explore and address anti-Black and systemic racism within the field of planning;

  • identify ways to support Black planners to be successful in their careers;

  • explore the approaches to mental health taken by organizations supporting Black planners.

Stay tuned to this page for the results of this project!

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