July 29 Meeting with OPPI

In their July 7th response, OPPI also invited the group to a meeting with OPPI council, staff and other representatives to review Open Letter and the proposed recommendations. Since that time the Black Planners group has had several conversations to set out the agenda for this meeting. Tomorrow, July 29, nine individuals from the Black Planners group will meet with six individuals from OPPI representing both council and staff.

The agenda will focus on three themes:

1) Removing barriers on the journey to becoming a professional planner, including: barriers and obstacles to access to planning education; OPPI membership affordability; and planning accreditation in Ontario.

2) Building and sharing knowledge about Black histories and histories of systemic anti-Black racism to educate planners throughout their journey from student to Continuous Professional Learning. 3) Promoting a more informed planning practice that must recognize the diversity of the public and better engage with Black Communities to address issues arising from their lived experiences. The detailed meeting agenda

AGENDA-OPPI and Black Planning Project g
Download • 590KB

is attached.

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