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The Black Experiences with Planning in Canada (BEPIC) partnership seeks to learn from the lived experiences of Black communities and planners in order to explore how planning can play a role in creating more equitable outcomes for Black communities, but also for diverse publics more broadly. BEPIC has been conceptualized by the Black Planning Project, together with community and academic partners in the fields of planning, community building, and Black studies who are committed to racial and spatial justice.

Building on the work already led by Black individuals, community organizations, planners, and other practitioners committed to racial justice, BEPIC aims to help strengthen capacity to remove barriers and advance equitable planning practices when working with Black populations. 

Project Phases


By building on the knowledge of Black communities and planners, this research will help challenge dominant planning discourses, address questions of Black exclusion and anti-Black racism in planning, amplify community-led planning practices, and inform planning pedagogy and the training of future planners, especially emerging Black planners.

Our Main Goals


1) To explore and document the experiences of Black communities and practitioners with/in/against planning in Canada;

2) To create a framework for community-based, Black-centered, Black-informed planning practices; and

3) To test the framework with Black individuals, community organizations, and planners working with predominantly or historically Black communities.

Ultimately, BEPIC will propose tools grounded in Black knowledge and traditions, which can be adopted by Black communities and planners to preserve and strengthen Black contributions to planning, community-building, and city-making.

Meet the Team:

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BEPIC is led by:

In collaboration with:

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